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  1. Well if you're not going to ban me, then i'll at least clean up my last post so that others don't see it. Oh, and perhaps i MAY have indulge into mentioning my stuff in this thread; but i'm VERY proud of it, and i worked my BUTT off to get my systems where they're at; and i did it with NO funding and NO help. I know exactly what they can do, and i know what they will be able to do in the near future. I'm just a little bit excited to be about to FINALLY let others use them. It's the first time since i've started this whole project that anyone else will be using them. I'm kinda ancy and excited both. So, forgive me if i couldn't resist to mention it here. I think that if you worked on something for 2 years solid, and anticipated wide adoption, you'd be a bit eccentric, and proud, as well. Anyway, i'll drop this issue. No harm, no foul. Oh, and fwiw, i WAS kinda digging this place. I don't usually ask for help with development, because i don't need it, but when i noticed there were threads here with NO answers, i bookmarked this site so that i could help out from time to time (because i'm a nice guy).
  2. I answered a question that was posed, and you call that spam? I'm not a spammer. You can ban me now .
  3. Probably ate it for lunch? I don't know how you could, it's disgusting. BTW, don't ever accuse me of such things. A question was asked, and an answer was provided. Ask and receive. Further more, it IS my opinion that my framework is the best there is; however i don't allow others to have the source, i was just stating that opinion.
  4. sure, here's what my can do: http://iims.ionisis.com It's not available to the public as a framework: it's SYSTEMS are. In other words, i don't share the code that makes my framework, but i let people use the systems (paid, or free). It's a wicked SaaS framework i've been working on for 2 years, and it's about showtime for it. It runs all of the systems you see under the "Systems" menu, at the top of the page (or to the right of that page). It even handles most mobile So, to be clear, as far as my answer, it was meant more as a joke than anything. I.E., it's the best, but you can't have it, lol (the framework itself, that is).
  5. ok, i'm a bit partial, but i believe MY framework is the best . I'll leave it at that before i sound like a sales pitch .
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