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  1. I was able to Get back the Array, but when the Second email kicks-off, still returning the same tracking number from the array and not going to the next(). Can someone tell me if there is a way to if check current(), then go to next() if (!$isOrderShipped) { return false;} else { if (count($items) > 1 && count($trackingNumbers) >= 1) { echo "You may receive multiple shipments and emails. The tracking number for this shipment is " . $displayShippingMethod . " # " . next($trackingInfoInEmail); next($trackingInfoInEmail); } else if(coun
  2. $i was to loop thru ea trackin# to count each one. But I just need it to get each 1 tracking per ea email sent. not all tracking at same time in same email. thru an array,. dont need it that way
  3. Struggling with this piece of code: Still getting duplicate Tracking #s: $isOrderShipped = $adminHelper->getIsOrderShipped($_order->getId()); // Is oorder shipped or not $items = $_order->getAllVisibleItems(); $trackingNumbers = []; $trackNo = $adminHelper->getOrderTrackingNo($_order->getId()); $trackNos = $adminHelper->getOrderTrackingNo($_order->getTrackingNumber()); //$trackNos = explode(",", $trackNo); if (count($trackNos)) { for ($i=0; $i< count($trackNos); $i++) { $trackingURL = $adminHelper->getTr
  4. I am having a hard time with this piece of code. Can you help me please. It still return, duplicate. Tracking No#s. $isOrderShipped = $adminHelper->getIsOrderShipped($_order->getId()); // Is oorder shipped or not$items = $_order->getAllVisibleItems();$trackingNumbers = [];$trackNo = $adminHelper->getOrderTrackingNo($_order->getId());$trackNos = explode(",", $trackNo);if (count($trackNos)) { for ($i=0; $i< count($trackNos); $i++) { $trackingURL = $adminHelper->getTrackingUrl(strtolower($_order->getShippingDescription()), $trackNo
  5. I changed this, it works to a degree. Now it is returning duplicated tracking numbers and each tracking number. I need help, just get each one tracking number seperate. $isOrderShipped = $adminHelper->getIsOrderShipped($_order->getId()); // Is oorder shipped or not $items = $_order->getAllVisibleItems(); $trackingNumbers = []; $trackNo = $adminHelper->getOrderTrackingNo($_order->getId()); $trackNos = explode(",", $trackNo); if (count($trackNos)) { for ($i=0; $i< count($trackNos); $i++) { $trackingURL = $adminHelper
  6. IT worked before. This is the Code base that is causing issues: $trackingInfoInEmail = [];$i = 0;if (count($trackingNumbers) > 1) { foreach($trackingNumbers as $trackingNumber) { $i++; $trackingInfoInEmail = "<a href='" . $trackingNumber[$i]['url'] . "' target='_blank'>" . $trackingNumber[$i]['track_no'] . "</a>"; } }else{ $trackingInfoInEmail = "<a href='" . $trackingNumber[$i]['url'] . "' target='_blank'>" . $trackingNumber[$i]['track_no'] . "</a>"; }
  7. All I am Trying to do is Loop thru my Array fo results and out each one seperate if there is more than 1 data point: Trying to display each of tracking # as separate line: getIsOrderShipped($_order-&gt;getId()); // Is oorder shipped or not ``` $items = $_order->getAllVisibleItems(); $trackingNumbers = []; $trackNo = $adminHelper->getOrderTrackingNo($_order->getId()); $trackNos = explode(",", $trackNo); if (count($trackNos)) { for ($i=0; $i< count($trackNos); $i++) { $trackingURL = $adminHelper->getTrackingUrl(strtolower($_order->getShippingDescr
  8. That worked.. I had to make few addiontal changes for params, but otherwise worked!!!
  9. I need some Help, I need to re-write my code slightly to read JSON files with Key:Value that there for VML. I just need to read json files instead of reading XML files. Can someone assist, I think it i simple adjustment, I am having hard time. /** * Function install * @param ModuleDataSetupInterface $setup * @param ModuleContextInterface $context * @return void */ public function install(ModuleDataSetupInterface $setup, ModuleContextInterface $context) { $setup->startSetup(); $reflector = new \ReflectionClass('Incomm\C
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