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  1. So the speed difference that i mentioned, that MySQL was faster than PostgreSQL, isn't that noticeable? The only reason I'm asking is that I want's to make sure that it loads the results as fast as possible AND that the security-options are in place. (need to learn them offcourse). If I have other quersions regarding PosgreSQL, like using multible users for SLQ-activities and tips - should I start a new post?
  2. Hi - In another post I ask if MySQL was the right choice for large amount of data and I was adviced to tak a look into PostgreSQL. I have read a bit an have got understanding that MySQL is faster and that PostgreSQL was slower. Another thing that was mentioned was that PostgreSQL was more complex/advance? I'm building an marketing website for businesses. Let's say that I have 100 000+ businesses that uses 7 tables to store all of the data (main, employees, services, references, news, comments, ratings). Toghether thats a lot of data - right? Is PostgreSQL a better solution?
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