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  1. I definitely fixed it. Thanks though.
  2. So I'm playing around with Regex : here's a working example https://regex101.com/r/ttNcvw/1 as you can see, in the second capture group, specifically here [/url][url=ok.com]ok As you can see, it's capturing everything that comes after the first , I've been working on trying to have it stop once it finds the first rather than the last instance of /url] so that it will be able to capture links on the same line, rather than having to put them on different lines. How would I change this properly?
  3. OK, i've decided I want the username 'Spring' if it's not taken.
  4. If possible, I would like the username Tony. Is this username inactive? I hope so! Ah lord, I just read the part not to ask for names that exists, my bad.
  5. How could I do something like this? $sql = "SELECT post_text from posts WHERE poster_id = users.userid";
  6. I'm have an if statement and I want to do something like this. if($post == 5 - 10)) //five through ten {then do this} Is there a function or different method to do this? If not, I'm guessing I'll have to make the function.
  7. Sigh. I tend to make myself looker stupider by the day. I should quit php.
  8. I've tried the PHPBB help forum and no one has answered. I thought i'd try here. For some reason i'm getting this weird error when I attempt to post. SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Unknown column 'Tony' in 'where clause' [1054] SQL UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_gold = 50 WHERE username =Tony Tony is in the username row. What am I doing wrong? here's the code I'm using. if (($mode == 'reply' || $mode == 'quote' || $mode == 'post')) { $sql = "UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_gold = 50 WHERE username =" . $user->data['username'] . ""; $db->sql_query($sql); }
  9. Yeah i know. I'll inevitable have to use the database to store the timestamp, but this is a temporary fix until tomorrow.
  10. session_set_cookie_params() worked for me.
  11. I fixed mine by using sessions. session_start(); session_set_cookie_params(84600); if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $_SESSION['clicked'] = 1; } You should know what to do from here. (:
  12. I fixed by using sessions like suggested, thanks for everyones support.
  13. Still looking for a simpler soultion, this should be possible without having to use the database, how would I check it with sessions? anyone know?
  14. Just 24 hours time. All I want is a 24 hours between clicks on the submit button for each person.
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