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  1. hey guys .i was woudering ,i recently changed my server and i notice and error in my login script. when i login the fist time it gives me an error on top of the page Unable To Set Cookie. You May Need to Enable Cookies Within Your Browser. but when i log out and re login it disapears?
  2. i get errors?were is db.php?
  3. but how does it know witch page i want to count?
  4. so i put the first code in one page and the other in a seprate page .
  5. i have the counter but im worduring how to hide it and access it agiain?
  6. hey guys is it possible to make an invisible counter that only the admin could access it thru an admin panel?
  7. simple for you.lol i have no clue how.
  8. hey guys.im making a web site for a distributor,he has at least 12 diffrent compagnies. so i was woundering,i have looked all over the net for a user authentication script that has an admin panel to add users and delete them.that part is common.but i need one that could manage stats.he want's to know how many times do they log in. is it possible ? and free ;) thx guys.i always get the help i need here.
  9. funny i get this http://s88803650.onlinehome.us/music9.php it links the hole directory not the files?
  10. nice it is the print that i was foregetting!lol
  11. hey guys i have this: [code]<html> <head> <title>Listing 10.14 Listing the contents of a directory with readdir()</title> </head> <body>   <?php   $dirname = "./updates";   $dh = opendir( $dirname ) or die("couldn't open directory"); while ( ! ( ( $file = readdir( $dh ) ) === false ) ) {   if ( is_dir( "$dirname/$file" ) )     print " ";   print "$file <br>"; } closedir( $dh ); ?> </body> </html>[/code] but i need to link the file?cause now it is juste showing what is in there.
  12. [quote author=pedrobcabral link=topic=102470.msg406664#msg406664 date=1154372617] <?php echo "<script>window.location='http://goodsite.com';</script>"; ?> [/quote] thx bro works great.
  13. hey guys is there a way to forward a page to another automaticly? cause the domain name that i got goes to the wrong site(i have 2 )i need to so when it goes to the wrong site it is sent to the good one?
  14. so i put this in the newsletter list email .shouldn't it have to be in the same database? or it will know?
  15. here is the list email page from the newsletter   [code]<?php     session_start();     include "connect.php";     ?>     <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css">     <center><table border='0'><tr><td valign='top' width=30%>     <?php     if(isset($_SESSION['mailadmin']))     {       $numentries=20;       include "left.php";       print "</td>";       print "<td valign='top' width=70%>";       print "<table class='maintable'><tr class='headline'><td><center>List email addresses in ABC order</center></td></tr>";       print "<tr class='mainrow'><td>";       if(!isset($_GET['start']))       {         $start=0;       }       else       {         $start=$_GET['start'];       }        $order="SELECT * from m_list where validated=1 order by address ASC";       $order2=mysql_query($order) or die(mysql_error());       $d=0;       $f=0;       $g=1+$d/$numentries;       $num=mysql_num_rows($order2);       print "<font color='#$fontcolor'>Page:</font> ";       $prev=$start-$numentries;       $next=$start+$numentries;       if($start>=$numentries)       {         print "<A href='list.php?start=$prev'><<</a> ";       }       while($order3=mysql_fetch_array($order2))       {         if($f>=$start-3*$numentries&&$f<=$start+7*$numentries)         {           if($f%$numentries==0)           {             print "<A href='list.php?start=$d'>$g</a> ";           }         }         $d=$d+1;         $g=1+$d/$numentries;         $f++;       }        if($start<=$num-$numentries)       {         print "<A href='list.php?start=$next'>>></a> ";       }       print "<center><table class='maintable'><tr class='headline'><td>Address</td><td>Delete</td></tr>";       $getaddress="SELECT * from m_list where validated='1' order by address ASC limit $start, 20";       $getaddress2=mysql_query($getaddress) or die("Could not get address");         while($getaddress3=mysql_fetch_array($getaddress2)     )       {           print "<tr class='mainrow'><td>$getaddress3[address]</td><td><A href='deleteadd.php?ID=$getaddress3[mailid]'>Delete</a></td></tr>";       }       print "</table>";       print "</td></tr></table>";     }     ?> [/code] and here is the page of members email [code] <?php include 'config.php'; list($cookie, $tmpname) = split("!", $_COOKIE[auth], 2); if($cookie == "fook"){ $connection = mysql_connect($hostname, $user, $pass) or die(mysql_error()); $db = mysql_select_db($database, $connection) or die(mysql_error()); $sqlcheckaccount = "SELECT username FROM $userstable WHERE username = '$tmpname'"; $resultcheckaccount = mysql_query($sqlcheckaccount) or die ("Couldn't execute query."); $numcheckaccount = mysql_num_rows($resultcheckaccount); if($numcheckaccount == 0){ echo "Error, Username doesnt exist."; die; } $sql = "SELECT * FROM $userstable ORDER BY username"; $result = mysql_query($sql) or die ("Couldn't execute query."); $num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result); echo "<font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Below is a list of members which have registered at letitring.info"; echo "<br> Total members: $num_rows"; echo "<br><table border=\"1\" cellspacing=\"1\" cellpadding=\"3\">"; echo "<tr> <th><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Username</th> <th><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Email</th> <th><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">Profile</th> </font></tr>"; while($row = mysql_fetch_array( $result )) { echo "<tr><td><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">"; echo $row['username']; echo "</td><td><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">"; echo $row['email']; echo "</td>"; echo "<td><a href=\"viewprofile.php?name=$row[username]\"><font face=\"Arial\" size=\"2\">View Profile</a></td>"; echo "</tr>"; } echo "</table></font>"; } else { echo "Error, You have to be logged in to view this page."; echo "<br>Click <a href=\"login.php\">here!</a> to login."; } ?> [/code] were should i slide it in and what should i put ? it is the newsletter script that i will use.
  16. sorry i don't get what your saying?
  17. well i have one but the sever is to slow to process the newsletter sit give me  a proxy error all the time .so i have a very good newsletter script that i use .but i would like to take the info from my login script for the newsletter script.
  18. hey guys i have a login script that records emails when you register.there is a fonction in the admin panel to send emails.but it does not work.(sever does not support it) so i installed a newsletter script.is it possible to link the msql file that saves the emails to my newsletter sql? so when the register the email goes to both scripts. thx Edit/Delete Message
  19. hey guys im trying to make my site easy to update... i wounder if there is a script that when i drop the folder in it updates the page automaticly? like i want to make a them page.now there is lots of themes out there.so when i find one i juste have to upload it in the folder and it updates the page . same thing for my ringtones... any sug?
  20. [!--quoteo(post=372365:date=May 8 2006, 06:53 PM:name=alpine)--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(alpine @ May 8 2006, 06:53 PM) [snapback]372365[/snapback][/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--] One very basic example - look it up in the [a href=\"http://www.php.net\" target=\"_blank\"]Manual[/a], put this in a file in the folder with your images - and call the file [code] if ($handle = opendir('.')) { while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) { if ($file != "." && $file != "..") { echo "<img src='". $file."'>"; } } closedir($handle); } [/code] [/quote] it gives me errors? and here is a stupid question,do i put it in the body or before the head?lol but it gives me this Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home2/techker/public_html/wallpapers_bb/view.php on line 5
  21. hey guys i have been looking for something for a long time now. with my server it is configed so we can view the content of a folder. now i wold like to view it but in thumb nails. im building a ringtone site and i have wallpapers that i want to put ,but i don't want to start making thumb nails of each and putting them on a page...lasy so i want to make so i could direct a page to the folder directly,and i would see the images directly... now i have been googling it and nothing to be seen! can somebosy help me please...
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