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  1. Is there any WYSIWYG plugin for NetBeans 7.0??
  2. tendouser


    Can I upgrade this 40GB HDD for a larger one (80GB) if I buy this laptop?? http://cgi.ebay.com/IBM-Thinkpad-T43-Pentium-M-1-8GHz-2048MB-40GB-CD-RW-DVD-/280693618350?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item415aa4b6ae Thanks for your comments.
  3. Is it possible to animate a website with JS frameworks as same or similar with SWF flash movies or apps?? Thanks!
  4. I use netbeans but I can't see a design tab panel like in Dreamweaver. Is there any plugin??
  5. http://f4l.sourceforge.net/
  6. Any WYSIWYG HTML and scripts editor at the same level of Dreamweaver??
  7. tendouser

    flash 4 linux

    How good is this freeware flash 4 linux??
  8. I'm developing 2 web HTML web forms for a restaurant here in Panamá. I need a PHP to handle data on the server. How much should I charge for this? I gave them an estimated for $400.00. Also some HTML and images maintenance and design. I need someone with experience to comment on this ASAP. Thank you very much from Central America, Panamá.
  9. I uploaded new pictures to a website I maintain and is hosted in my unlimited web hosting shared hosting account. When I browse this site through Firefox I have to refresh to see the new or edited images; same browsing through IE. How can I prevent this to happen because old cache?? Thanks!
  10. Can I open illustrator or photoshop design format files in Gimp or Inkscape??
  11. Is the GUI same or similar to Flash CS?? Timeline, etc??
  12. Can I develop in JavaFX same way as in Adobe Flash CS?? Photograms, buttons, movie clips, motion tweens, etc, etc...
  13. Good time for another question. What about JavaFX?
  14. about vectors and raster i can use open source but what about flash cs3?? javafx maybe??
  15. tendouser


    Is there any way to install Adobe software like Flash CS, Illutrator, Photoshop in Linux. I bought a refurbished Thinkpad and I want to rid out my laptop of Microsoft Windows in a near future. Thanks for you replies!
  16. tendouser


    Does all PCMCIA cards work on all laptops or there's any issue with versions of this kind of adapter?
  17. good answer! thanks a lot!
  18. I'm asking to compare quality between this lenovo era and the IBM era.
  19. Are lenovo laptops as good as IBM was?
  20. Anybody knows about a company in US dedicated in refurbishing laptops (IBM thinkpads)? Thanks!
  21. create js file function parpadear() { with (document.getElementById("parpadeo").style) visibility = (visibility == "visible") ? "hidden" : "visible"; } inside html file body tag <body class="cuerpo" onload="setInterval('parpadear()', 1500)"> <span id="parpadeo" style="position:absolute;left:30px;top:30px;color:#ff3366;font-family:arial;font-size:45px;text-align: center"> 203-2799<br/>6226-6691</span>
  22. Works on all browsers? I found one Javascript and it works in all IE, Safari, Opera, FF, Chrome.
  23. Any good html function to make html text blink?(All browsers) Thanks!
  24. www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk www.fedholm.com eNom reseller.
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