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  1. What do you say about Kaspersky? Slows down my computer yes, but I think detection rate is the best I have ever tried.
  2. Just completed the transfer. Thanks guys! Not so long ...1 day
  3. I initiated a domain transfer from Tucows to eNom. Tucows emailed me this: Is there any way to hurry up this transfer so I do not have to wait so long?
  4. What is your answer about the lightest paid antivirus around 2011? Thanks for your comments!
  5. What about this seller in amazon? www.safeharborsystemsinc.com IBM Thinkpad T43p $269.00.
  6. Does anyone can recommend me reliable online stores to buy a reburbished notebook?? I had read unpleasant things about www.thinkpaddepot.com & www.usanotebooks.com. Thanks a lot!
  7. What company is a reliable eNom domain reseller?
  8. I'm close to buy a notebook. I will buy a refurbished in USA and bring it to Panamá. I need at least 10 replies to comment about what's better: Thinkpad or Toshiba? I want to replace Windows for Linux in a future. Thank you guys!
  9. I'm close to buy a laptop and I would like to know if there does exit a voltage regulator for laptop/notebook computers. Thanks!
  10. Not many computers (2). Any freeware?
  11. Windows XP + SP3? How to set a parental control? IE8? I know how but I mean a firewall software like Kaspersky with the password protected option.
  12. My boss at the office to block all websites not related with the company's task in all PC's.
  13. How to restrict access to the internet just to the websites or domains I set? Any software for free or like Kaspersky Internet Security? Thanks for comments!
  14. Which one is the best to you? Online Virus Scanner: Trend Micro, BitDefender, etc. I tried BitDefender but for some reason is not finishing to downlaod updates. Thanks for comments!!
  15. Does someone know about any PHP scripts source? I'm learning PHP because is very cool and I'm web developer. I downloaded one mailer php script used to process html from a common contact form and I modified succesfully for each website. So I want to know if there is any website with a free PHP scripts repository. Thanks for your comment! Cheers!
  16. If they had fixed this issue but one month was enough and I changed my hosting provider and domain registrar. Hosting provider: Unlimited Web Hosting from UK Domain registrar (eNom reseller): Fedholm Internet Services (Bellevue - near Seattle, Washington) Thanks for your replies!
  17. It's obvious that all computers get warm, but I'm telling you that HP has posted this manufacture defect in their website. They have a BIOS fix to modify the fan profile to help regulate GPU temperature, but once the GPU chip is affected by constant high temperatures you have to dismantle the laptop to weld it again. So again, in the course of time the same problem will come back. I'm worry about this issue and I need more comments because I'm planning to sell my desktop with ASUS motherboard to buy a refurbished or a new notebook or laptop. Thanks!
  18. Not exactly scammed...the issue is that all email accounts related to the domains hosted with them that belong to my account web hosting package were having problems with Yahoo email accounts. I search under blacklisted servers but never found Mocha server in there. When I try to send emails to Yahoo I just keep getting Mailer Daemon error messages and if Yahoo server email Mocha all mails reach with no problem my email accounts inboxes. They just keep saying the same: "We don't know why Yahoo blocked a bunch of ramdom IP's" What kind of answer is that? Tell you guys keep far away from Mocha!
  19. Stay away from this hosting provider. (Crap)3 x 100 !!!
  20. A friend of mine gave a laptop to check it because leds are on but video is just off. Reading other forums I found that the Compaq CQ50-101LA, my friend's laptop, and other Compaq/HP laptops have overheating GPU issues that affect that graphics chip. Can anyone comment on this? Thanks a lot!
  21. Hi guys what about this one: http://www.unlimitedwebhosting.co.uk/ ?? Cheers from Panama Central America
  22. I read in some websites through internet ...I know this is a PHP coding forum section but I don't where to post this question. Why some people say PHP is not fine for large scale applications? I'm new to PHP but I like it. Thanxs for your answers! Hello from Panamá.
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