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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I have a list of youtube videos in a flat file database. I would like to print a thumbnail of these videos out to the end user in a table. The results need to have pagination as well as a dynamic table so i can display say 3 rows and 3 columns per page. The column amount will also need to be adjustable in case i wish to change the columns from 3 to 4 for example: $video_file_data[]; //This is the array in which all video info will be stored $start = $_REQUEST['start']; //pagination setting $videos_per_page = 9; //Show 9 Vids per page $table_colums = 3; //Amount of columns needed to display results per page $num = count ($video_file_data); //Number of lines in data array $max_pages = @ceil($num / $videos_per_page); //Maximum number of Pages $cur = @ceil($start / $videos_per_page)+1; for($i=$start;$i<min($num,($start+$videos_per_page)+0);$i++) { list($date_added, $video_title, $youtube_url) = explode('|', trim($video_file_data[$i])); // <--- Table needs to go } The info stored in $video_file_data[] would look something like this: date 1."|".title 1."|".youtube url 1 date 2."|".title 2."|".youtube url 2 date 3."|".title 3."|".youtube url 3 date 4."|".title 4."|".youtube url 4 Many thanks for the help
  2. Hello, I am brand new to this forum so I am not sure if I am posting in the right place but I will give it a shot: I have been making PHP Classes for a while and thinking about giving away/selling them. I currently have a Flat file database Class that allows you to turn a text file into a table within a database. The queries are easy for example: select('FROM users WHERE username=hello');. This Flatfile Database contains many of the same functions as mysql. I decided to make this as i see mysql is being discontinued in the next version of PHP. Another class i have created is a login class. Setup is easy of course, all you have to do it simply include the main file(all in a folder called Login) and then wherever you want it simple past this code: new gLogin();. TADA you have a login. Please post any questions, concerns, or requests for new classes. Thank you, gamble
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