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Found 3 results

  1. Hei everyone. i need a solution to find : When any one clicks on any ad network banner that i place on site after a click on banner i want it to hide / remove. I need this so wont have multiple ad clicks and prevent being banned If some one can help me with the code how to make for example adhitz banner after a click made by that visitor to get hidden. I dont need a function on a simple click anywhere on page. I need when banner clicked to get hidden after the click is made on it.
  2. I have multiple divisions on my page.. what happens is by having next and previous buttons on my page i can browse thru the divisions... now i have save and delete on each page, i enter some values in the textboxes of the respective divs and they get saved or deleted.. i want to refresh those textboxes after saving or deleting, as the textboxes retrieve the values from database and show as their values.. now i don't want to refresh the page as i would have to start again from the first div even i was on lets say 55th div... is there a way that the textbox values can be refresh on lets say a refresh button or the whole division gets refreshed... all i want is the textboxes to be updated to the recent value without the whole page being refreshed... any help would be welcome..
  3. when i click on image1 with id=1, it stores in session and when i click on image2 with id=2, it stores in session too next to the first one, and when i click on image3 with id=3, it stores in session next to id=2. and so on.... i hope you understand what i am asking .... need help. i know how to get value from array.... like <?php// begin the sessionsession_start(); // create an array$my_array=array('cat', 'dog', 'mouse', 'bird', 'crocodile', 'wombat', 'koala', 'kangaroo'); // put the array in a session variable$_SESSION['animals']=$my_array; // a little message to say we have done itecho 'Putting array into a session variable';// loop through the session array with foreachforeach($_SESSION['animals'] as $key=>$value) { // and print out the values echo 'The value of $_SESSION['."'".$key."'".'] is '."'".$value."'".' <br />'; }?> /*************************************************************************************************************************************/ but wat i want is, cat ,dog,mouse,bird,crocodile,wombat,koala,kangaroo ... stored in array when i click on them.... i hope you understand.. please help!!! thanks and regards, jazz..
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