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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have a PHP script using the cURL function. This script send the data by a web service. It works often without problem. Sometimes, he sent a double data : same data by two times. I checked the log file this script (by curl_getinfo) on "total_time" When this script works correctly (it send the data only one time) : the total_time is less than 6 second. but when the total_time is more than 7 second, (this is a casual/occasional situation), my script send same data by two times so it is double data! So the web service send the ACK(Acknowledgment) which takes a long time (more than 7 second) and then, the TCP send again same data to a web service. How can I avoid this doubling ? By increasing this time waiting / time limit ? How can I define this time limit for 12 second? Could you help me : Thanks
  2. Is there a difference between a single quote regex and and double quote regex ? for example : <?php $res1 = preg_match('/shi*t/', $comment); $res2 = preg_match("/shi*t/", $comment); ?> Thank you
  3. hi once again im in need of help what i need is a double column one with a drop down box called type of business and one hidden one with the id, to me it would seem easier to simply code all of the options in html but the options for type of columns has been coded onto the website, i got a code sent over to me but errors are occurring so just wondering if anybody has any ideas. <td>Type of Business:</td> <select name="typeofbusiness" id="typeofbusiness"> <?php $count = count($_SESSION['typeofbusiness']); for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++) { if($_SESSION['id'][$i]!=$_SESSION['Id']){ ?> <option value="<?php echo $_SESSION['id'][$i];?>" <?php if (isset($_REQUEST['typeofbusiness'])&&$_REQUEST['typeofbusiness']==$_SESSION['id'][$i]) { echo'selected="selected"'; }?>><?php echo $_SESSION['typeofbusiness'][$i];?></option> <?php } } ?> ( ! ) Notice: Undefined variable: _SESSION in C:\wamp\www\AddLeads\addeadstemplate.php on line 248 Call Stack # Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0000 186688 {main}( ) ..\addeadstemplate.php:0 any help will be greatly appreciated.
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