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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, Would like to ask whether can the drop down list in html can be control by Jquery with this condition? Each question can only rate for 3 times, the following drop box for that question should disable and not allow to make any rating. here is my HTML code: <div> <span id="questionnaire-question">Q1)&nbspPlease QuestionA</span> <table> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>A1</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[13]" class="02A" group="02A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>A2</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[14]" class="02A" group="02A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>A3</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[15]" class="02A" group="02A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>A4</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[16]" class="02A" group="02A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> </table> </div> <div> <span id="questionnaire-question">Q2)&nbspPlease QuestionB</span> <table> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>B1</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[21]" class="03A" group="03A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>B2</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[22]" class="03A" group="03A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>B3</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[23]" class="03A" group="03A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> <tr style="width: 365px;"> <td><label>B4</label></td> <td> <select name="ranking[28]" class="03A" group="03A"> <option value="" >Please Rank</option> <option>1</option> <option>2</option> <option>3</option> </select> </td> </tr> </table> </div> Thank You.
  2. i have made a simple header page for a project. now i want to create a dropdown menu for a single menu item in the menu bar. how i will do that ..?? for ex-under COURSES MENU, THE SUBMENU ARE : DEGREE,DIPLOMA,HIGHSCHOOL.
  3. Good evening, i have a problem with some code. I´ve created a dropdownlist that gests it´s values from a database. The dropdownlist is being populated without problems. My problem is that i must get the selected value from the dropdown to complete my task. But i don´t know how. I´d appreciate some help. I send some of the code: echo' <form action="permissions.php" method="post" id="form"> <table><tr><td>Seleccionar Utilizador:</td><td><select name="utilizadores" id="utilizadores">'; $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `users`"); echo'<option value="">****** Utilizador *******</option>'; while(($row = mysql_fetch_array($query))!== false) { echo '<option value="'.$row["user_id"].'">'.$row["first_name"].' '.$row["last_name"].'</option>'; } echo '</select></td> </tr> </table>'; I must get the value selected by the user, without posting because i have to use that value for a database search, so i can display further values. Appreciated some help. I´m desperate :-( Many thanks, TorSunTsu
  4. Hi, I am new to PHP.So any help would be great. I would like to display a drop down list and a textbox on a page. This dropdown data will be populated from a textbox. What I would like to know is, how to: parse a file and extact some data from a txt file which is on a server. populate this dropdown on the page with the data also I would like to display another data on the textbox according to the data selected on the drop down list and of couse how to test this script etc. Best Regards.
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