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Found 1 result

  1. I have my program working but it needs an very bad improvement. How it works, my program turns each line in a .txt file it grabs into an array every time it executes code it loops back to open the .txt file again and turns it into an array now grabbing the second line and so forth. It's a 4 MB file but I came to the conclusion that the reason I'm having such a high server transfer rate up to GB's is because the server has to use a lot more to turn into a new array every time the file() command is used. I came up with an idea after 3 days of thinking that I should use the program to open up the file only once turning it into an area and just use all the arrays without reopening the file and creating a new one. I was thinking of doing this but not sure it will work. <?php $fetch_data = file('http://somesite.com/text.txt'); $x=1; $i=0 while($x<=80) { $data = $fetch_data[$i]; Execute some code $i++ $x++ } ?> Would this work looping each line in the file without creating a new array each time?
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