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Found 3 results

  1. hello mate, im having problem making a search criteria work.... i have a field named fullname, inside that field i have a data eg: "Robert Williams" Im trying to use LIKE on mysql statement such as SELECT fullname FROM clients WHERE fullname LIKE '%keyword%' keyword being any character from the name "Robert Williams". but when i tried to search "Williams R" it will not show me "Robert Williams"... Then, how can i make it so that when i search for "Williams R" it will also show me "Robert Williams" What im trying to attain here is to search any name in any order whether firstname first of lastname first. Thank you in advance. Cheers! Neil
  2. Hello Every one Please see my code <?php include ("includes/config.php"); $afurl = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; $afurl = preg_replace('/\/+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\;+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\&+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\#+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\|+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\@+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%5B+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%5D+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%27+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%C2+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%BB+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/quot+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%E2+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%80+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\%93+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\$+/', 'c', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\"+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\?+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\.html+/', '', $afurl); $afurl = preg_replace('/\-+/', ' ', $afurl); $queryArray = explode(" ", $afurl); for ($i=0; $i< count($queryArray); $i++) { $keyworddd = mysql_real_escape_string($queryArray[$i]).","; echo $keyworddd; } ?> I Want Set $keyworddd at here: <meta name="keywords" content="$keyworddd"> Can anyone tell me how to do this please?
  3. Hello there! I'm such a beginner in php coding, i don't know the trick yet. My question is: I have a site, the main files are header.php; index.php; footer.php. I include header and footer in index php The index.php contains the articles, with tags. I want to pass the tags form articles to header.php as meta information. I get the tags from a database query. How can i do this method? Thanks: Robert
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