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Found 1 result

  1. I have checkbox function that creates a checkbox list from my database. I also have a map that I want onclick to check the checkbox align with that section of the map. So if you click Bominvile on the map the checkbox for Bominville gets checked/unChecked. [FUNCTION CALL] (From db.php) / This will create a CHECK BOX based on the property/value pairs in table AND the toggle all checkbox. function buildCheckBox($table, $prechecked) { $conn = db_connect(); // establish connection $sql = "SELECT property, value FROM ".$table.""; $results = pg_query($conn, $sql); //THIS LOOP ONLY RUNS ONCE ON PAGE LOAD. JUST TO DISPLAY // THE REORDS IN THE CITY DB TABLE. while ($record = pg_fetch_array($results)) { $checked = ($prechecked == $record['value'])?"checked=\"checked\"":""; echo '<input type="checkbox" name="'. $table.'[]" ' .$checked.' value="'. $record['value'] .'">'. $record['property'] .'<br/>'; } //echo "show me whats record ". $record['property']. "<br/>"; } [/FUNCTION] <script language="javascript"> function myclick(whichone) { if (document.getElementById(whichone).checked == true) { document.getElementById(whichone).checked = false; } else { document.getElementById(whichone).checked = true; } } </script> <tr> <td class="left"> <input type="checkbox" id="city_toggle" onclick="cityToggleAll();" name="city[]">City Toggle All<br/> <!-- FUNCTION CALL TO LOOP THROUGH TOGGLING CHECK BOXES ON/OFF--> <?php echo buildCheckBox('city', $selected_city);?> <input type="checkbox" id="city[]"><br> </td> <td><img src="pictures/durham_mapgoodbeforewhitby.png" alt="durham_map" width="417" height="340" usemap="#map1"> <a href="#" onClick="myclick('city[]')"> <map name="map1"> <area shape="poly" coords="193,207,284,207,391,214,190,287,260,299,300,307,344,310,389,322" href="#" id="city[]" title="Bowmanville" alt="Bowmanville" /> </map> </a><br> </td> </tr>
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