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Found 5 results

  1. In php number format function works like.... number_format("1000000",2); // 1,000,000.00 is there a way to format numbers like... 10,00,00,000 (from right. No decimal. First comma after 3 digits and then commas after every 2 digits)
  2. Hello! I am very new to coding, and need some help in getting javascript to verify whether a password has upper- and lowercase letters, and a number. I've already written a part where it checks if the password matches the second time you write it, but for the life of me I can't get the other shit to work. Here is what I have in the scripting department so far: { var password1 = document.getElementById('password1'); var password2 = document.getElementById('password2'); var message = document.getElementById('confirmMessage'); var goodColor = "#66cc66"; var badColor = "#ff6666"; if(password1.value == password2.value){ password2.style.backgroundColor = goodColor; message.style.color = goodColor; message.innerHTML = "Passwords Match!" }else{ password2.style.backgroundColor = badColor; message.style.color = badColor; message.innerHTML = "Passwords Do Not Match!" }
  3. Hello. I have a problem I am the Data Entry Operator for this website: http://starforce.bg/?UILanguage=EN (I am giving you the English version on purpose). The problem is that products with numbers at the end do not appear in order. For example in "Ammunition, pellets -> Shotshells and buckshots" products arrange in the following order: 1MB Light 30g N10; 1MB Light 30g N11; 1MB Light 30g N7; 1MB Light 30g N8; 1MB Light 30g N9 So they go like 10,11,7,8,9 not 7,8,9,10,11 It arranges them the right way if I type them with 07,08,09,10,11. Unfortunately I cannot write them like that. Any idea what exactly to search for in the php files. What kind of line exactly. Thank you
  4. Hello Everyone, Haven't been here in a while. This looks new and cool! Anyway, I have PHP output an array of numbers as an average and that worked fine. I got the number -.0111523. Which is exactly what I want. They only problem is that I need the number to look like this -.011. I tried to use the number format command, but that did not work. Just slapped a couple of zeros onto the end. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  5. Regex always kills me. I want a string to be only letters, numbers, dash, underscore, or space. if ( !preg_match( $pattern, $str ) ){ $err = 'Only letters, numbers, space, underscore and dash are allowed.'; return $err } In this example, what is $pattern ? My best guess was... $pattern = '/[^a-zA-Z0-9_-\s]+/'; ... but it's not working.
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