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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I'm looking to design a OO system that interacts with 3rd parties who use SOAP, GET AND POST. These 3rd parties each have their own way of more or less doing the same thing. For example. Say I want to pass them a credit card name, one 3rd party may expect "Mastercard" and another might expect "MSC" to be passed. At the moment I'm thinking I could, for example have a set method like so: $card->setMastercard("MASTERCARD"); Another method to find the correct mapping for it: $card->findMapped(); This may mean a scaleabilty problem if a new card is added in the future. I could create a method is some subclass that takes these details as params, perhaps something like: $thirdParty->('$URL_TO_POST_TO', 'SOAP' ,array(' "MSC" => "MASTERCARD, "VIS" => "VISA" '), // etc ); This would make it potentially a nightmare if a lot of params need passed in but would mean if another card was added, the code wouldn't need changed and it would just mean adding another element in the array. Anyone got any tips or suggestions on how best to tackle this? I'm thinking GET/POST/SOAP parent classes and a "3rd party" subclass. These are just rough ideas. Thanks in advance, CaptainChainsaw
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