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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all, I dont know why I'm getting this error with calculating the duration for the video, everything works fine with uploading, file is going in my database and folder, the duration of my video is ok. ​http://prnt.sc/e59i4f here is my code: // video duration ob_start(); passthru("ffmpeg -i $tmp 2>&1"); $duration = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); $search='/Duration: (.*?)[.]/'; $duration=preg_match($search, $duration, $matches, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE); //error is on this line botom $duration = $matches[1][0]; ​//error is on this line botom list($hours, $mins, $secs) = split('[:]', $duration); //echo "Hours: ".$hours." Minutes: ".$mins." Seconds: ".$secs; $duration=$hours.':'.$mins.':'.$secs;
  2. Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /..../ on line 6 { $bing_results[$b] = array ('url' => $value->Url, 'title' => $value->Title, 'snippet' => $value->Description, 'rank' => 100-$b); echo 'Lets see? : '.$bing_results[$b]['url']['title']['snippet']['rank']; $b++; }
  3. Hi people, another quick question in regards to my webpage... Can anyone tell me the best way to display the current time in New York, London and Tokyo using php? I would like to use just hours/mins/secs (no dates) and for each city and have the time running live like a real clock. Any sugestions on how to achive this? Thank in advance.
  4. Hi guys! This is my first post here, I used to post a bit a long time ago on PHP Builders but the site appears to have mostly died. Recently I started my first project working with MSSQL (I always worked with MySQL before) and while I have found some differences and hurdles I had to jump over and learn about some were frustrating like paging query results with having LIMIT available in MSSQL. I was wondering with the new OFFSET and FETCH NEXT introduced with MSSQL 2012 if anyone had used these to setup their pagination on the pages and if so, do you have a basic example of how it was done? I learned about this new feature in MSSQL 2012 today so I upgraded the database in hopes it would be simpler to implement the paging of the results. Thanks!
  5. Hello I have this error it appears between all pages while I am navigating from one page to another, this error appears and disappears immediately, but it appears and remains present when viewing sales reports page. /*--------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* Function for checking which user level has access to the page /*--------------------------------------------------------------*/ function page_require_level($require_level){ global $session; $current_user = current_user(); $login_level = find_by_groupLevel($current_user['user_level']); //if user not login if (!$session->isUserLoggedIn(true)): $session->msg('d','Please Sign in'); redirect('index.php', false); //if Group status Deactive elseif($login_level['group_status'] === '0'): //Line 195 $session->msg('d','User Banned'); redirect('home.php',false); //checking logged in User level and Require level is Less than or equal to elseif($current_user['user_level'] <= (int)$require_level): return true; else: $session->msg("d", "Error"); redirect('home.php', false); endif; }
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