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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm just learning programming. I have a class: class DbBox extends BoxAbstract { public function save() { } public function load() { } } This class has two methods, Load and Save. How to format them correctly so that they can save data to a file?
  2. Hi, I’m using PHP OOP and created an instance of the class and stored the content inside a $_SESSION['cart'] 1... I can validate, if “prid” exists in the session with this …. How would i check for "prid" and "prflavour" Mango ? if (isset($_SESSION['cart'][12])) 2... I need to update the quantity when both conditions "prid" and "prflavour" are met. how do i change this $_SESSION['cart'][$_GET['prid']]-> to work with prid and prflavour $_SESSION['cart'][$_GET['prid']]->updateQuantity(123) sample of the $_SESSION['cart'] Array ( [13] => Item Object ( [prid:protected] => 13 [prname:protected] => Meal [prflavour:protected] => Mango [prqty:protected] => 10 ) [12] => Item Object ( [prid:protected] => 12 [prname:protected] => Milk [prflavour:protected] => [prqty:protected] => 123 ) )
  3. Hello to all,I finished a web developing course and had about 16 tests to take. i have passed them all and have about 5 left that I cannot answer and score only about 30%.The questions seem ambiguous and the answers even more confusing. The tests are on some paste website you just have to press ctrl-d to edit and ctrl-s to save.If someone could help I'd appreciate it maybe even give a reward. http://hastebin.com/evupilaxum.coffee http://hastebin.com/fobojebuyo.coffee http://hastebin.com/ubegejanuw.lua http://hastebin.com/ibinokenem.coffee
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