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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys , i am really stuck here .. i am not a php programmer and got a script from a friend to open a link random on click anywhere on site .. this script works great but it only opens a link once a day , i need it to open a link every time the users clicks on the site. i googled a lot and fount that it is the cookie settings , only in all tutorials online they talk about setting cookie time on 0 ... this option is not written in the script i have and there is a tag made , new_Date i can not find any info on those tags like new day , and changing it to 0 breaks the script. does somebody know how to change this script so it works on every click on the site. this script is needed for affiliate links and i need it to open every time someone clicks on something on the site without time delay or a time delay from 1 minute for the main page. but most importent is the code without time delay . if someone wants to help i'll be very thankful course googling is not going to solve this for me .. Thanks the script :::: <script> var puShown = false; var PopWidth = 1370; var PopHeight = 800; var PopFocus = 0; var _Top = null; function GetWindowHeight() { var myHeight = 0; if( typeof( _Top.window.innerHeight ) == 'number' ) { myHeight = _Top.window.innerHeight; } else if( _Top.document.documentElement && _Top.document.documentElement.clientHeight ) { myHeight = _Top.document.documentElement.clientHeight; } else if( _Top.document.body && _Top.document.body.clientHeight ) { myHeight = _Top.document.body.clientHeight; } return myHeight; } function GetWindowWidth() { var myWidth = 0; if( typeof( _Top.window.innerWidth ) == 'number' ) { myWidth = _Top.window.innerWidth; } else if( _Top.document.documentElement && _Top.document.documentElement.clientWidth ) { myWidth = _Top.document.documentElement.clientWidth; } else if( _Top.document.body && _Top.document.body.clientWidth ) { myWidth = _Top.document.body.clientWidth; } return myWidth; } function GetWindowTop() { return (_Top.window.screenTop != undefined) ? _Top.window.screenTop : _Top.window.screenY; } function GetWindowLeft() { return (_Top.window.screenLeft != undefined) ? _Top.window.screenLeft : _Top.window.screenX; } function doOpen(url) { var popURL = "about:blank" var popID = "ad_" + Math.floor(89999999*Math.random()+10000000); var pxLeft = 0; var pxTop = 0; pxLeft = (GetWindowLeft() + (GetWindowWidth() / 2) - (PopWidth / 2)); pxTop = (GetWindowTop() + (GetWindowHeight() / 2) - (PopHeight / 2)); if ( puShown == true ) { return true; } var PopWin=_Top.window.open(popURL,popID,'toolbar=0,scrollbars=1,location=1,statusbar=1,menubar=0,resizable=1,top=' + pxTop + ',left=' + pxLeft + ',width=' + PopWidth + ',height=' + PopHeight); if (PopWin) { puShown = true; if (PopFocus == 0) { PopWin.blur(); if (navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf("applewebkit") > -1) { _Top.window.blur(); _Top.window.focus(); } } PopWin.Init = function(e) { with (e) { Params = e.Params; Main = function(){ if (typeof window.mozPaintCount != "undefined") { var x = window.open("about:blank"); x.close(); } var popURL = Params.PopURL; try { opener.window.focus(); } catch (err) { } window.location = popURL; } Main(); } }; PopWin.Params = { PopURL: url } PopWin.Init(PopWin); } return PopWin; } function setCookie(name, value, time) { var expires = new Date(); expires.setTime( expires.getTime() + time ); document.cookie = name + '=' + value + '; path=/;' + '; expires=' + expires.toGMTString() ; } function getCookie(name) { var cookies = document.cookie.toString().split('; '); var cookie, c_name, c_value; for (var n=0; n<cookies.length; n++) { cookie = cookies[n].split('='); c_name = cookie[0]; c_value = cookie[1]; if ( c_name == name ) { return c_value; } } return null; } function initPu() { _Top = self; if (top != self) { try { if (top.document.location.toString()) _Top = top; } catch(err) { } } if ( document.attachEvent ) { document.attachEvent( 'onclick', checkTarget ); } else if ( document.addEventListener ) { document.addEventListener( 'click', checkTarget, false ); } } function checkTarget(e) { if ( !getCookie('popundr') ) { var e = e || window.event; var win = doOpen('http://yourlinkurl.url/bannerpage.phphtml'); setCookie('popundr', 1, 24*60*60*1000); } } initPu(); </script>
  2. Hello, I am trying to make the buy product button on all single product pages to open in a popup iframe or simular! I am new to java, php and such and I am looking for how to achieve this? I have been researching this for over a month and nothing seems to work. I am affiliated with Amazon so I need my woocommerce buy product buttons to open a new smaller popup window in front of my site! I have already had it set to open as _blank, But I really need all my external product button links to open as a popup! Is this possible? I have tried editing cart.php and I know nothing about java. Please help!! Thank you in advance, Dee
  3. Hi, I dont know if this is a wrong category to post. I have a registration form in my website. I need a overlay popup after the sucessfull registration process. Can someone help me. Thanks in advance. Regards..
  4. hello, anyone here can help me. i want to get a popup from a website.. ok here is waht i want, when you go to h t t p : / / o x i f r e s h [dot] com you will see on the top left schedule online today you will need to type in any U.S zip code like 92240... i want to get that exact popup including the content. please put it on a separate page where i can test. i can only pay a small amount to people who can help.. thanks
  5. Hi. I'm trying to display a list of items i have in my database. It displayed correctly as how i wanted it to. However, there is a button which popup a jQuery div tag. It pop up correctly, just that it only show the 1st content in my database table. I believe it is the jQuery ID that is confused but I just don't know how to define the ID separately in jQuery. Below is my code: HTML: //My Button <a href="#" id="map_link" class="topopup-map"> <div class="self-drive-view-map-button"> <img src="images/content/map-icon.png" height="23px"> </div> </a> //My Pop-Up Div <div id="toPopup-map"> <div id="popup_content_map"> <?php echo $map; ?> </div> </div> jQuery: jQuery(function($) { $("a.topopup-map").click(function() { loading(); setTimeout(function(){ loadPopup(); }, 500); return false; }); /* event for close the popup */ $("div.close").hover( function() { $('span.ecs_tooltip').show(); }, function () { $('span.ecs_tooltip').hide(); } ); $("div.close").click(function() { disablePopup(); }); $(this).keyup(function(event) { if (event.which == 27) { disablePopup(); } }); $("div#backgroundPopup").click(function() { disablePopup(); }); $('a.livebox').click(function() { alert('Hello World!'); return false; }); /************** start: functions. **************/ function loading() { $("div.loader").show(); } function closeloading() { $("div.loader").fadeOut('normal'); } var popupStatus = 0; function loadPopup() { if(popupStatus == 0) { closeloading(); iframe_code = $('#toPopup-map').html(); $('#toPopup-map').html(iframe_code).fadeIn(500); $("#backgroundPopup").css("opacity", "0.7"); $("#backgroundPopup").fadeIn(0001); popupStatus = 1; } } function disablePopup() { if(popupStatus == 1) { $('#toPopup-map').html(iframe_code).fadeOut(500); $("#backgroundPopup").fadeOut("normal"); popupStatus = 0; } } /************** end: functions. **************/ }); // jQuery End Any solution?
  6. I have a div I use for dialogs and I want to pass a string to the div and then show the specific twig template as an include. The div dialog is displayed without the template embedded, What am I doing wrong, is there a better way to do it? $('#new').click( function() { var str = " {% include 'catalogue_form.html' %} "; $('#dialog').text(str).html(); showDialog(); }); function showDialog() { $('#dialog_wrapper').fadeIn(); $('#dialog').fadeIn("slow"); } Thanks in advance, James
  7. Hey guys, I was just woundering what would be the best way of writing multiple popup functions? I can copy the code few times and change the ID but that doesen't sound efficeint. <script type="text/javascript"> var popUpActive = false; $(document).ready(function(){ //open popup $("#pop").click(function(){ if(popUpActive == false){ $("#flyout").fadeIn(150, function(){ popUpActive = true; }); } }); $(document).click(function(){ if(popUpActive == true) $("#flyout").fadeOut(150, function(){ popUpActive = false; }); }); }); </script>
  8. Hey Guys, I've got a pop up box showing the cookie warning (for the EU laws). I've got it in the corner of the screen and that's working fine but I want to centre it to the middle of the page. This is the code that I use to place the popup overlay top right, how can I change the css to make it centred? <style> #tpmask { background-color: #000000; z-index: 9999; display: block; position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; opacity: 0.6; height: 100%; width: 100%; } #boxes .window { right:20px; top:20px; border-radius: 5px; -moz-border-radius: 5px; -webkit-border-radius: 5px; width:auto; height:auto; display:none; z-index:9999; padding:20px; box-shadow: 0 0 18px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4); } #boxes #dialog { position: absolute; width: auto; margin: auto; max-width: 800px; height: auto; _width: 0; white-space: normal; overflow: visible; padding: 10px; font-family: 'Lucida Grande', Arial, 'Arial Unicode MS', Helvetica, sans-serif !important; color: #FFFFFF; font-size:13px !important; } #dialog a:link, a:visited, a:hover { color: #000000 } *html #boxes .window { position: absolute; } #boxes .window .close { background-attachment: scroll; background-clip: border-box; background-color: transparent; background-image: url('images/close.png'); background-origin: padding-box; background-position: 0% 0%; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: auto; height: 36px; right: -19px; margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; position: absolute; top: -19px; width: 36px; } </style>
  9. I'm self taught and this is probably a basic question. Trying to use two popup windows in one webpage. First popup used opens correctly, but second one opens as full page. In the following script on the main page: <SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript"> <!-- function popupnr(mylink, windowname, refocus) { var mywin, href; if (typeof(mylink) == 'string') href=mylink; else href=mylink.href; mywin = window.open('', windowname, 'width=400,height=400,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes'); // if we just opened the window if ( mywin.closed || (! mywin.document.URL) || (mywin.document.URL.indexOf("about") == 0) ) mywin.location=href; else if (refocus) mywin.focus(); return false; } //--> </SCRIPT> I think I've figured out that I have to use one instance of this for each popup with each specific popup name being inserted for windowname . The windowname then comes from the link line: <A HREF="provided_image.htm" onclick="return popupnr(this, 'windowname')">Your Image</A> Ready? Is this correct?
  10. Hi I would like to get to get the click on large image to be in a light box instead of opening in a new window. Any help would be appreciated. The closest I've got to something similar I'm trying to achieve is pikachoose jquery gallery. Please click here to see how the current image gallery functions. As you can see, upon clicking on the larger image it opens up in a new window. Below are a couple of websites I've found that replicate what I'm trying to achieve. http://www.necdisplay.com/p/large--screen-displays/e322?type=support - The right/left arrows and close button is an important feature on the lightbox http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-nsw-chatswood-110664113 - The right/left arrows and close button is an important feature on the light box Help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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