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Found 3 results

  1. I am trying to include a file from another directory and so far I keep getting errors such as "failed to open stream: No such file or directory in...". Here's my directory setup. home/ /template/header.php /members/private/settings.php All I want to do is include "header.php" file on my "settings.php" page. Here's an example. settings.php <?php $dir = dirname(__FILE__); require_once $dir.'/template/header.php'; Can you tell me what's wrong with it? It's not working.
  2. I want to require_once all of the files in my directory and assign instances of their classes to properties in the main class. Main class (Test.php): <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); class Test { public $egg; public function __construct() { $this->getInstances(); $this->egg->msg("Hello!"); // line 11 } public function getInstances($folder = null) { if($folder != null) { foreach(glob("$folder/*.php") as $file) { require_once $file; $class = basename($file); if(class_exists($class)) { $lclass = strtolower($class); if(property_exists($this, $lclass)) { $this->$lclass = new $class(); } } } } else { foreach(glob("*.php") as $file) { require_once $file; $class = basename($file); if(class_exists($class)) { $lclass = strtolower($class); if(property_exists($this, $lclass)) { $this->$lclass = new $class(); } } } } } } ​$test = new Test(); ?> Sample class (Egg.php): <?php class Egg { public function msg($msg) { echo $msg . chr(10); } } ?> What it outputs: Fatal error: Call to a member function msg() on a non-object in Test.php on line 11 What I want it to output: Hello!
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm new here... So I got a little problem with creating my first website. I want to include files with the content of my subpages to the main index file. At the first I made a simple solution with switch. Where the urls to the files in the menu look like: href="index.php?page=1" than "page=2" and so on and the code in the place of subpages content was: <? switch ($_GET['page']) { case 2: include("/subpages/aboutme.php"); break; case 3: include("/subpages/a=gallery.php"); break; case 4: include("/subpages/movies.php"); break; case 5: include("/subpages/contact.php"); break; case 1: default: include("/subpages/main.php"); } ?> Of course this solution was correct and it was working BUT what about when someone change the url to the ..."index.php?page=10000000" just because being curious and to check what will happen (there isn't any site with the sign "The page you're looking for cannot be found") and the other reason why I want to upgrade my include solution was that I have to add another cases every time when I want to make another subpages. So I decided to change it and my new url code in menu looks like: href="index.php?page=aboutme" or href="index.php?page=gallery" (so after equal sign there is an exactly name of my subpage without ".php") and than the code which includes my content is: if (file_exists('subpages/' . $page . '.php')) { require('subpages/' . $page . '.php'); } else { echo '<div id="main"><span>The page you’re looking for cannot be found.</span></div>'; } where the $page=$_GET['page']; It is working too but only when I click on one of the subpages in my menu but what about default like in the switch solution? I mean the case when I go to my site typing url without selecting any subpage. Now there is just the sign "The page you're looking for cannot be found." My other question is that I want to add a guestbook which is in the other folder in subpages so the url is "subpages/guestbook/gbook.php". What should I change in my code which works only for the subpages folder? I try to do something like this but it doesn't work: if ($page='gbook' && file_exists('subpages/guestbook/' . $page . '.php')) { require('subpages/guestbook/' . $page . '.php'); } elseif ($page!='gbook' && file_exists('subpages/' . $page . '.php')) { require("subpages/' . $page . '.php'); } else { echo '<div id="main"><span>The page you’re looking for cannot be found.</span></div>'; } Sorry for the length of this topic but I want to avoid unnecessary questions and useless solutions and I want apologies for my English but I'm 17 and I'm from Poland so I've been still learning it !
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