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Found 2 results

  1. fastsol

    Can this query be made simpler?

    I have this query that fully works the way it is, but I am wondering if I am overdoing some things in it. I know this may be hard to tell without knowing the full relationship between all the tables in the query. I'm basically running 3 subqueries mostly based on a timestamp value and other specific clauses per subquery. Where the main query is only gathering based on the timestamp. Like I said it works perfect from what I can verify by cross referencing the tables manually and checking the results the query returned. I just want to know if there is a better way to do all this. SELECT `products`.`id` AS `pid`, `products`.`prod_name`, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM `products` INNER JOIN `quote_deposits` ON `quote_deposits`.`product_id` = `products`.`id` INNER JOIN `quote_responses` ON `quote_responses`.`id` = `quote_deposits`.`q_id` WHERE `quote_responses`.`purchased` = 0 AND `quote_deposits`.`dep_date` >= $committed_start ) AS `committed`, (SELECT COUNT(`products`.`id`) FROM `products` INNER JOIN `quote_deposits` ON `quote_deposits`.`product_id` = `products`.`id` INNER JOIN `quote_responses` ON `quote_responses`.`id` = `quote_deposits`.`q_id` WHERE `quote_responses`.`purchased` = 1 AND `products`.`id` = `pid` AND `quote_deposits`.`dep_date` >= $committed_start ) AS `total_per_item`, (SELECT COUNT(`products`.`id`) FROM `products` INNER JOIN `quote_deposits` ON `quote_deposits`.`product_id` = `products`.`id` INNER JOIN `quote_responses` ON `quote_responses`.`id` = `quote_deposits`.`q_id` INNER JOIN `schedule` ON `schedule`.`deposit_id` = `quote_deposits`.`id` WHERE `quote_responses`.`purchased` = 0 AND `schedule`.`cancelled` != '' AND `products`.`id` = `pid` AND `quote_deposits`.`dep_date` >= $committed_start ) AS `total_cancelled` FROM `products` INNER JOIN `quote_deposits` ON `quote_deposits`.`product_id` = `products`.`id` WHERE `quote_deposits`.`dep_date` >= $committed_start GROUP BY `products`.`prod_name` ORDER BY `products`.`prod_name` ASC
  2. I would like to simplify my request... here is my query SELECT emp_id, ROUND(SUM((Invoice.invoiceTotal-NewQuote.total)*.30),2) AS thirtypercent, ROUND(SUM(NewQuote.total*.20),2) AS twentypercent FROM `NewQuote` INNER JOIN Invoice ON Invoice.quoteID=NewQuote.quoteID INNER JOIN schedules ON schedules.quoteId=NewQuote.quoteID WHERE (rem=1 OR rem=2) AND (schedules.redo IS NULL) AND invoiceTotal!=0 AND (DATE_FORMAT(date_start, '%m/%d/%Y') >= '07/01/2016') AND ((DATE_FORMAT(date_start, '%m/%d/%Y')<='07/31/2016')) GROUP BY emp_id What im aiming here is this line "AND invoiceTotal!=0" should only be used in getting the thirtypercent and should not be applied in getting the twentypercent. Can you help me on how i can do this? Thank you

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