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Found 2 results

  1. I had successfully set up and integrated a third party payment integration system on WHMCS. Inorder to Validate callback authenticity, the gateway provides a method of verifying that a callback originated from them as shown in code below: $mertid ='secretmerchantID'; $amt = '10000'; $tranxid = 'gtPay130958397220820'; $hashkey ='secretclientkey'; $hash = hash('sha512', $mertid . $tranxid . $hashkey); $url = 'https://ibank.gtbank.com/GTPayService/gettransactionstatus.xml?mertid='.$mertid.'&amount='.$amt.'&tranxid='.$tranxid.'&hash='.$hash; $xmlString = file_get_contents($url); if($xmlString === false) { echo "Response Description: GTPAY Verification service failed to open. } else { $xml = simplexml_load_string($xmlString ); var_dump($xml); } I am using the file_get_contents function to read the API response into a string, then simplexml_load_string function to Interprets the string of XML into an object with properties containing the data held within the xml string. On each successful transaction run $xml=simplexml_load_string($jString), returns FALSE. However when I call this code in a file directly in a browser on WAMP using the same transaction values, then $xml=simplexml_load_string($jString), returns the string of XML into an object as expected. Also when I place the file on a different remote host and call it in browser, it also returns the string of XML into an object. Strangely, when I place this code in a file within the WHMCS root folder and I attempt to call directly in a browser using the same successful transaction values used above, then $xml=simplexml_load_string($jString), returns FALSE again. What may be restricting this call to the Third party API call within the WHMCS install? Thanks.
  2. I wish to redirect to a custom page following the failure in payment as returned by payment gateway. To this end, I am using the ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage hook to check this using the variable $vars['ispaid']. When payment is successful, $vars['ispaid'] is true and the redirect to the thankyou page works. add_hook('ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage', 1, function ($vars) { # Will be true if the order has been paid if($vars['ispaid'] == true) { #redirect to thank you page header('location:'.thankYouPage); die; } else { header('location:'.transactionFailedPage); die; } } However the else statement is not executing when payment obviously fails, rather the viewinvoice.php page is loaded and payment status set to 'unpaid' Am I missing something? How can I redirect to the transaction failed page?
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