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Found 2 results

  1. I recently decided to invest in a better up-to-date coding IDE and chose PhpStorm. I have never used xdebug before and wanted to get it working in phpstorm. I have spent literally 10+ hours messing with it and can't get it to work, at least to my understanding of what I should see when it works. I have read dozens of articles and help topics and watched tons of setup videos and can't seem to make it work. According to everything I've done, xdebug is setup properly on my wamp server. Is there anyone that has knowledge of how to set this up or that is willing to log in to my computer via gotomeeting or something and mess with it so I can see what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, I configured my localhost to work with Xdebug and then installed the plugins to work with note++. Everything worked fine and I got the sample two line program to work from the terminal as well as from a browser (chrome) by appending "?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=xyz" after the URL. It worked fine for small programs but for my multi-page application, the appended bit simply disappeared. I guess that's because of jumping to pages on menu clicks where the url is created depending upon the menu button being clicked. Code like : if(isset($_GET['menu_item'])) { $menu_item = fcheckPpage($_GET['menu_item']); switch ($menu_item) { case "menu1": require_once("/some/thing.php"); break; case "menu2": require_once("some/thingelse.php"); break; ... Then I tried the same on firefox by first installing the plugin for it which does not require any strings to be appended to the URL. That too got working but crashed each time at the very same place when it encountered the code shown above in the code box. These are the error messages that I got and It is clear that the the moment the application / program generated it's own url the link to the debugger is lost. Seems like a woeful limitation, I could try and append the XDEBUG... string to the end of each of the generated urls but that would not be a very pretty solution if that did work. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions or an alternative to this I will grateful. Thanks all.
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