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Interpreting and comparing data

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This is what I want to do, but I am not able to think of an intelligent way to do it:

I have a MySQL table with a bunch of data. In one specific column, entitled 'opponent', there will be a bunch of different items. I want to first find all the distinct items from the column, then count the number of instances of each item, compare those numbers, and output the item that appears the most.

I currently am using a roundabout way that picks one item, counts the number of instances, then compares it to the next item. If the next item appears more, it takes the new item and compares it to the next one. This way is limiting because if two items appear an equal amount of times, it won't go on to the next item.

So, I suppose, "HELP"!


– Mic

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this can all be done with sql. What is your table structure?

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