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SELECT with COUNTS and HAVINGS problems!

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Hi All!

Here is some initial info:

Table reports_interventions has:

- id
- date
- player_id
- qu_id
- value

[b]What I'm trying to do is:[/b]

Select all the player_id's who have the the same qu_id three times or more.

[i]For example[/i]

date = 2006-05-20
player_id = 5
qu_id = 3
value = 4

date = 2006-05-21
player_id = 5
qu_id = 3
value = 3

date = 2006-05-22
player_id = 5
qu_id = 3
value = 7

[b]What I have currently is:[/b]

SELECT COUNT( qu_id ) , player_id
FROM reports_interventions
GROUP BY player_id, qu_id
HAVING COUNT( qu_id ) >3

The problem is that it selects all qu_ids and counts them.
What I want it to do is [b]select all qu_ids[/b] which are [b]the same[/b] which [b]occur 3 times or more[/b] for a [b]certain player_id.[/b]

Please Help!!!
Thanks to All!

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I'm not sure I understand why you have the second group clause.

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