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MySql Error on Updating when 'this' quotation mark in variable

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I have a php update like this:

$upsql = mysql_query("UPDATE comments SET comment2='$oldcomment', comment='$newcomment', edited='y', verified='$verified' WHERE user_id='$userid' AND edited='n' AND comment_id='$commentid'", $connection)
or die(mysql_error());

The problem is that $oldcomment features a ton of text that has both "this" type of quotation marks and 'this' type of quotation marks. I get a mysql error because of these quotation marks when trying to update the database.

I have done a string replace to pull them out just for testing sake and the update works fine... so it is the existance of the quotation marks that are causing issues.

i NEED these quotation marks to remain, but how can I do the update query and avoid the error?


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You have to escape these quotes -- the DB wrapper can handle this, or PHP can handle this, or you can do it yourself.

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