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Individual .php pages not showing correctly in index.php

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Hello Please help me if you can.

I want to add redirect links to my images on [a href=\"http://www.realestatedirectoryspain.com/directory\" target=\"_blank\"]index.php[/a] Please scroll to Andalucia Inland.

I have added the [a href=\"http://www.realestatedirectoryspain.com/directory/andaluciainland.php\" target=\"_blank\"]andaluciainland.php[/a] as well as the others to the "middle" area of the index.php for insertion

Everything was fine until I went to change the links from "#" to the required redirect link, as you can see on the index.php "Andalucia Inland" the spacing has changed once I have added the redirect links.

If you look at the [a href=\"http://www.realestatedirectoryspain.com/directory/andaluciainland.php\" target=\"_blank\"]andaluciainland.php[/a] everything looks fine and in order (5px spacings) between all images.

My question is how do or can I fix this so everything is aligned and spaced correct?

If you need any further information please post any required info.

Thanks in advance,


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Viewed with Firefox, there's no problem that appears like anything you describe.

Best guess is that you're seeing the problem with IE and this is the likely reason. The first code below is like yours. IE 'sees' the line breaks. The second code has no line breaks and will work with all browsers.
// inserts unwanted line breaks with IE only
<a href="whatever">
<img src="....">

// works with all browsers
<a href="whatever"><img src="..."></a>
If that's nothing to do with the problem, describe it in more detail and if it's a visual problem give a section of a screenshot to illustrate it.

By the way, this is an html question not a php question.

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