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multiple scripts using one db?

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hi, im a total noob when it comes to mysql so please excuse me if i sound a little slow at times. basically ive got 4 scripts on my site that allow users to register and be a part of the community.
these are the scripts im talking about: flashchat, flatfilehost, vbulletin and shockarcade.
All 4 of them are running using a mysql db each. i just wanted to know if it is possible to make them all use 1 db so that when a user registers through the arcade/forum/chat/hosting script, they can use the same username and pass to login to any of the other scripts on the site. currently you would reg on the forum and then have to reg again on the arcade and again on the chat to have all the benefits of being a registered user

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Having never used nor heard of any of this software, I would suspect that this would be more difficult than one would think. I figure that each uses a different table design for the "users" table, making a common table almost impossible, unless you're willing to dig into the actual code. As far as a single DB, that not so much the issue as the multiple users. I guess at that level, you should be able to auto-create matching user accounts in all four, though I'm not sure where you'd inject that in your configuration.

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