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email-backing up all of the mysql databases - via a php file

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i wish to have all of the mysql databases emailed to me from a PHP file.

does anyone know how i do this for all of them.

i do not have any idea how to do it via the Cron jobs and i am using a windows server.

thanks for your help.

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First, you shouldn't ever e-mail anything a) large or b) sensitive, and I'd guess that DB dump qualifies as both. I'd recommend a (secure?) FTP site which you can run from anywhere, including your home machine. Windows doesn't support cron, but all server have AT scheduling capabilities -- I'm sure there are lots of tutorials out there. Ultimately, though, you'd be issuing a mysqldump, zipping/bundling the output, and sending it on its merry way. Depending on your db setup, you may have to lock the tables before taking a snapshot.

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