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chaining arrays

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[b]SOLVED-Problem completely solved thanks for all the help.[/b]I am building a small database with javascript, for recalling information in a mini-program, what I am trying to do, well I don't want to go into all that, What I want to ask is there a way, because I have to put in all the information, is there a way for me to paste information into a document, then with javascript someone automatically turn all the bits of information into an array.
because I am creating about 7 arrays, and wanting them all the be associative arrays pointing to the same keys, for instance
Key 1-has 10 different arrays hooked to it and if I call that 1 then all the information comes for instance
Array 1
[1] baboon
array 2
[1] hairy
[2] 4 legs
array 3
[2]2 legs
It's not what an array looks like but you get the point, if that 1 is called then it pulls hte information saying baboon, hairy, and stupid.
If I was to use the variable baboon instead of the key selector it still calls all the information, I am wanting to be able to change a lot of information into an array without having to type it all out, then I can just pretty it up, and put in the information and create another array, because javascript automatically indexes them at 0 and above, I will already have the key indexes set, and the arrays will still be callable by those keys.
Any advice would be appreciated thanks.

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why don't you just use a multi-dimensional array


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Because I can't type out a thousand lines of code to do it, that is what made me not do it in the first place.

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