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PHP Question - Storing...

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Ok i am a little stumped at the moment.

Ok lets say i have set up a MYSQL table and made a register and login script that is connected to the table, so i got a complete Register and login script made.
Now what i want is for data, that they aquire later on after they have registered, to be stored for each user into the database for each user.
Here is an example - Say it was an rpg
"Say a user/member clicked on a link to take them to a small town in a text based rpg. They then get a random event wich would say they found a bag of money, and there was 10 dollars in that bag."
So then that amount of money would be added to that users account for the RPG. Then in another part of the code, say maybe a mini profile, i can call that part with their amount of money and display it, and it keeps going up when they get more.

Maybe that was to hard to understand.

Ok its like the users post count on a forum. Each time the user makes a post it is added to the database and displayed in their mini profile.

So do you think you could show me how to do that?
I have tried but it has really stumped me.


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You need to look into database normalization techniques. Learning database design and administration is just as big a subject (maybe even more so) as learning php itself.

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