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array_push HELP!!?

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Hi all,

I am struggling here. I am having problems with forming the array I want. The below code gives me both
$mat and $murl as keys in my array $materials. What I really want to do is the create the array $materials and then have the keys be $mat and the values be $murl. The foreach is what is confusing me. I can't seem to push onto the array unless I'm within the loop. The code is below but I will also explain here with subsitute variable values. So for every $_POST["material"] there are a few values: for example "Goat", "Fish", "Bird"....then for each $murl there is a bunch of those to0: for example "goat.html", "fish.html", "bird.html". So I want them to be key value pairs such as "Goat" => "goat.html". Here is the code:

$materials = array();
foreach($_POST["material"] as $mat){
array_push($materials, $mat);

foreach($_POST["murl"] as $murl){
array_push($materials, $murl);

foreach ($materials as $key => $value){
print $key . ": " . $value . "<br>";

Greatly appreciate your help in advance! Thanks,

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If the number of entrys in $_POST['material'] and $_POST['murl'] will always be the same, try this:
for ($i=0;$i<count($_POST['material']);$i++)
     $materials[$_POST['material'][$i]] = $_POST['murl'][$i];
echo '<pre>' . print_r($materials,true) . '</pre>'; // debug line


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