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comparrison problem

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Hi all,

I'm working on, what I thought would be, an easy problem. Its simply an if statement that checks if a value is greater than 1000. However, its not picking anything up and I'm running out of time for this project. My problem code is as follows...

//$AmtOfAdj is set from our database, and I've printed out its values so I know its getting the right values
$AmtOfAdj = number_format($commaFile[$i] * .01, 2);
settype($AmtOfAdj, "float");

if($AmtOfAdj > 1000.00)
print $AmtOfAdj . "<br />";

I have no idea why its doing this, but I'm stuck so if anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it.

Thanks a lot

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I could be mistaken; but when you use the number format to place a 'value' into a variable, that variable is treated as a string NOT a numerical value. Suggest you use the number formating AFTER you have done all your math.

Try adding 3 to your variable and echo it, see what happens

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