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Different times in different parts of my script.

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I purchased an online auction script from Softbiz Scripts and I have now noticed that the time on certain functions are not working properly.

When I purchased the script, we had to put a time zone script into the template.php page as our server is located in a different time zone from us. Our time zone is -2 hours from where our server is located. That allowed the time to display on the site properly. I have now noticed that when we add a listing to the site, the time shows 4 hours earlier. When we purchase an item outright, it shows a time difference of -6 hours, and when we use the feedback function it also shows a time of -6 hours.

Any ideas on what has to happen to get the time to work properly on these functions. Would it be as simple as adding the time zone script to each of the affected pages?

Thanks for your time on this. If you need to look at this site, it is located at www.forsale4u.ca


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Id'e suggest conacting the people who supplied you the script, sounds like a bug to me.

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