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Empty result set problem :(

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Hey there

I was just wondering if anyone has ever encountered the problem I am having.
I am running a sql query within my php script, which is returning an empty array. The funny thing is,
if I echo out the sql query and run it in phpmyadmin, it does infact return one row. Could anyone shed some
light on my situation?

Thanks so much, here's a summary of my code below

[code]function blah($id, $indicator){

$sql = 'SELECT ksi_detail.value
FROM cornelius_saved_ksi_detail ksi_detail
WHERE ksi_detail.saved_ksi_id_fk = '.$id.'
AND   ksi_detail.indicator_id_fk = '.$indicator;
$temp = $this->getItems();


function getItems{
$detail = array();
while ($row=$this->getItem())
    $detail[] = $row;
return $detail;


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Which array is empty? Where's the echo line? I don't see any return values from the blah() function which is also never called.

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