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HEEEEELP whit Chat Ideas

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I didn´t find any good chat to download...

but I´ve got an idea... [without flash an without ajax]

but I don´t know if it´s good...

What about the frame where the messages appear do not refresh, keepping it in a endless loop consulting a database and flushing data?

Ops, I just remebered that flushing just works with a great amount of data... in a chat it won´t work very nicely...

I got another idea... what about an invisible iframe that keeps reloading, looking for new messages with hight frequency? or a inteligent/calculated frequency?

I saw many that keeps reloading in same frequency...

Ouch... I just remembered a detail.... and if the frame refresh just when is scrolling, reading old messagens?

wow... that´s not so easy than I was thinking...

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