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Which language is best for Social Networking website


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Dear ALL,


I am thinking about developing a Social Networking website and I am very much concentrating on speed and efficiency.


My friends are saying that Python will be faster than PHP. But, I saw most of the social networking websites are built in PHP, Ruby On Rails.


For example, Youtube, MySpace,... are built in PHP.


What do you think? Kindly suggest me the best option which will lead to build a Social Network website with better loading speed.


Thanks in Advance !



Suresh P



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Is it messed up that I just lol'd?




And actually, parts of youtube are coded in Python.  The video processing is handled in Python if I remember right.




MySpace = ASP, not PHP.



PHP can be as fast as you make it.  Facebook runs on PHP for God's sake.  Do you know how many people go to facebook?



Also, don't take this the wrong way, but chances are, you will never make a big social networking site, so there's not really a reason to worry about what it's coded in.

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I'm currently freelancing for a company that's working on a rather large networking site for the marketing industry. The initial brief was that the site should be scaleable to 5 million users.


This is being coded in PHP.


As somebody said above, the code is as fast as you make it. Also, about £50,000 worth of server equiptment and communication servers helps...


And I agree, if you're a 1 man band and you're coding this on your own, any more than a few thousand users is a bit of a pipe dream.

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In all fairness, some languages are faster, but the CPU type and so on can change it, and sometimes they're so close it doesn't even matter.  Other times, language x can be 100 times faster than y.  But, when it really comes down to it, I don't think it matters as long as it's a mainstream language that isn't likely to be uber-slow when used properly.

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