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Rules - Must Read Before Posting


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Conditions for Testing Requests


In order to post in this forum, the following conditions must be met:


  • You must have at least 10 posts, from posting in other forums on this site.  Do not "spam" your way to 10 posts just to post here.
  • You are only allowed to request testing of your own website or websites you are otherwise authorized to manage. In order to verify this you must:
    • Create a regular .txt file containing a full URL link to your profile here on PHP Freaks (see details below), and place it on the same domain(s) as your script(s). The text file must be in the root directory of your site. 
      URL: http://www.yoursite.com/phpfreaks.txt
      Text in file: http://forums.phpfreaks.com/user/1-philip/ (but to your profile link)
    • You must then notify us with the URL of the .txt file by placing a link to it in your post or report your post to moderator with the link in the report details.



Profile Link


In my experience, the one thing that people fail to do most of the time, is properly post a link to their profile in the text file. 


The following is not a valid profile link:




That link only works for you, based off of the main menu link and your browser's session.  Below is what a valid profile link looks like:



You can easily get your profile link by:

  • Clicking on your own name in one of your own posts
  • Clicking on your own name at the top right of the screen
  • Putting in a test post and hitting the preview button and getting the URL generated from the link.  For example, @.josh will generate @.josh.
  • Going to Members > Search For Members and searching for yourself and clicking on that link.



Failure to follow these rules and instructions may result in actions from locking or deleting your topic or even having your account banned depending on the severity and at the discretion of the staff member handling the incident. There are no exceptions and this rule is in effect of immediately meaning that all topics created after this topic will have to abide by this rule.



Waiting for Approval


It generally takes 1-3 days for someone to approve your post.  Normally we will not respond if you are not approved, because of failing to follow the instructions above (we will usually respond if it's for some other reason).  If after 3 days your post has not been approved and you have not received a response, you can resubmit your site, however, more than likely you were not approved because you failed to follow the rules/instructions! So please re-read the rules and follow the instructions carefully



Someone posted my site!


If someone posted your site here without your authorization then you may use the report to moderator link within the topic and verify your status as owner or representative of the website in the same way as outlined above.  Note that we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may have occurred because of this! If someone had the ability to create the text file on your site to prove ownership/access, they hacked or otherwise gained access to your site independently and prior to whatever thread you are reporting!

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