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javascript count number times login is wrong

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on my login script i want it to display a message only if they have got the username and password wrong more than once. I have tried various while loops and so on but cant get it to only display one time because of the loop it keeps displaying the message again and again.

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I'm not sure I follow what your doing... whats w/ the loops? Maybe post a bit of code.

I use php session to track failed loggins...


//check for valid log in.
//if it works, log them in,
//if it fails...
$_SESSION['logInAttempts'] = ++; //add 1 to the current value.
if($_SESSION['logInAttempts'] > 3){
header("Location: youLose_nowGoAway.php");
Then, in your form, when it reloads

failed Login. You have attempted to log in <?php echo $_SESSION['logInAttempts'] ?> time(s)

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