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Easy IF Statement Help!


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Hi there is something wrong with my if statement, please let me know what it is!! It doesnt echo denied! Im trying to only get accepted; if status doesnt = "test" and it is authorised.

$status = $_POST['status'];

if ((!strstr($response, "AUTHORISED"))||($status = "test")) {
    echo "denied";
else {
    echo "accepted";
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Keep in mind that [b]=[/b] is an assignment operator what you want when checking values of a variable or array is a comparison operator which are [b]==[/b] and [b]===[/b] but [b]== [/b]being more commonly used for a normal string variable. This is a common error by those just starting out.
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where is the variable $response getting its value from?

your if/then statment is checking the string value in $response to see if it contains the word "AUTHORISED".

Where in your code is $response populated?
Also, the word is spelled "AUTHORIZED" with a 'z'
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Not really because what is happening is that you are assigning the value of 'test' to the variable $status regardless of what it was prior to that statement. If the $_POST['status'] was "" or nothing when it gets to $status='test' then PHP will assign the value on the right to the variable on the left whereas $status =='text' will check the value of $status and if it is 'test' then it will return true otherwise it would return false if it were"" or nothing and fail. Here is an example to illustrate what I just stated

$status = "UH OH";
if($status==""){//remove the second = sign and retest to see the result it will execute the else statement
  echo "$status contains no printable characters";
elseif($status=="UH OH"){
  echo"The proper value of $status is in the \$status variable!";
  echo"The \$status variable is not correctly set.";
?> [/code]
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