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callback function

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Hi All
Just wondering if anyone has a different take on this.
I'm trying to expand a simple AJAX library that I wrote by allowing a custom callback function on success. The options that can be passed to the first AJAX request is the URL and parameters (mandatory) and also the return DIV/element for the result. Now I want to ALSO be able to pass in a function name, so that as well as putting the data into the DIV/element, it also calls a return function.

I can pass the function name into the AJAX library, and it recognises it as a function - the only thing I'm struggling on is how do I actually call this function?

I have the line: xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=xmlhttpChange in my code which does the checking of the result/response, etc. How can I get the function xmlhttpChange() to also call my callback function that was passed as a function parameter? ie, without changing the above line to xmlhttp.onreadystatechange=callbackfunc; ?


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sorry dont worry - figured it out not long after i first posted.

i had a few errors, so i didnt realise you could just call a function by the actual parameter name in the function you passed it to...

all works now!

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