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Simple question..


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That's a very vague question.  Are you creating the file?  Is the file being uploaded?  Is the file being passed to the server via a different process?


Please be more specific.

Sorry, I mean say I have a variable $url = "http://site.com/picture.png"; How would I save that file? Basically saving a file from an outside source.

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There are a lot of ways, as stated by the previous poster, depending on what you're saving. As for simple plain text the simplest would be..


$content = "test content";
file_put_contents('myfile.txt', $content);


For less trivial text examples (eg. to save memory, since file_put_contents requires the full text to be loaded into memory) look into the fopen()/fwrite()/fclose() functions in the manual. ( http://us.php.net/manual/en/function.fopen.php )

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