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Any Ideas

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Hi guys, wondering if you can help.
I have a site that currently uses resources obtained from an FTP site.
the url on the page links direclty to this ftp site such as

an image of a cloud might be obtained from ftp://someaddress.com/clouds.

Now this takes up the ftp servers bandwith whenever someone access MY page.

What i want to do is say every hour get my server to gather the information from the ftp site just a few pictures say and store them on my server where i can link to them there.

i am totally new to php ish and am not sure how to do this, i have to as the ftp servers bandwidth has been cut and it will be catastrophic if my site losses these certain resources.

Thanks for your help.

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You could use the copy() function as the basis of your script, then run it periodically with a cron job.

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