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  1. Could you change my name to Kris please. I can see this guy has that name already, but they have never posted with it, and haven't logged in since 01 February 2005, 09:37:28, 20 seconds after the account was created... Looks like this could have been a result of the migration to SMF back in the day.
  2. Ahh, I assumed all of the Core 2 range were at least dual core - Turns out that isn't the case. I take back the 'considerably' part
  3. Considering your CPU is considerably below the minimum requirements, I'd say that it where the problem is.
  4. Yeah, John has lost those images - I wouldn't hold your breath with the hope that they'll ever be back.
  5. You'll love to hear that IE9 is currently in Beta then
  6. Rackspace tend to be touted as one of the better companies, however you will pay dearly for it. It totally depends on your requirements.
  7. zq29


    It's likely that Sphinx will be faster as it is designed to be a full-text search engine from the ground up, MySQL isn't.
  8. FYI, IRC has been down since yesterday.
  9. It depends, but it's always best to shop around. AdSense is the easiest to get into and probably is the most relaxed on how much traffic you need. Most others require a lot more traffic to be qualified for it. I think he meant AdWords, rather than AdSense.
  10. You could combine the more exercise idea with your porn watching, too. Two birds with one stone.
  11. Single hard drive back-up solutions are less than ideal when you have more than one computer, which I'd imagine is common amongst the type of people that visit a forum like this. Also, a single hard drive has no redundancy with regards to hardware failure. It all depends on how much your data is worth to you. Depending on how paranoid you are, you may wish to consider RAID6 which can withstand two disk failures without replacement, but you'll need a minimum of 4 disks and your storage capacity will by n-2. You may even wish to consider hard backups to DVD, which isn't a bad idea for things like photos, as they generally don't change.
  12. I have a Linux based file server with a RAID 5 array - Amongst other things, all my desktops back-up to it daily via rsync / cron. You need a minimum of 3 disks for RAID 5, and they should all be the same capacity (otherwise all of the others will only hold as much as the smallest disk). Replacing a failed disk is as simple as dropping it from the array, power down, swap disks, power up, add the new disk to the array and it should automatically start rebuilding it. If you have hot-swapping, you can skip the power cycling, or you can configure a spare disk in the array to automatically add and rebuild itself if an active disk fails. No idea with regards to appliance like units, I haven't seen any where you can install your own OS on. Those things generally use proprietary RAID set-ups (so if it fails, you won't be able to recover your data from a PC), they're comparatively expensive and they're mostly limited to a maximum of 4 disks unless you get into stupid amounts of money. If all you're going to be using it for is serving files, you'd probably get away with a low powered Intel Atom based set-up and a bunch of disks.
  13. Or, you could just install MySQL on its own, crazy idea, I know. http://www.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/#downloads
  14. In other news, I have downgraded back to IE8 as it was becoming a bit too unstable in my VM. Does Microsoft accept bug submissions? I couldn't find anything on the IE9 website...
  15. Yeah, I believe it was for the European market only, something to do with Euro competition rules.
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