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Google listing - Extra links appearing

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Hi, I've noticed over the last few months that sites are starting to get extra links under their Google listing.

For instance if I search for the Environment Agency (www.environment-agency.gov.uk/) I get their listing back top of my list with the usual format and then some extra links at the bottom for 'Jobs', 'Find out about your local ...', 'Flood', 'Buy your rod licence'

Other sites I've noticed include Royal Yachting Association (www.rya.org.uk), Red Hat Inc (www.redhat.com) and Argos (www.argos.co.uk)

How are they doing this? I've had a quick search on Google but can't seem to find an explaination and its really bugging me now

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I assume it's either Google's engine putting search results together with data pulled from the site, or those companies are using Adwords and Google is tying those two together.

Just a guess, though.

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