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I started this board for those who have questions about another programming language.  Are you having trouble with some Ruby code, Perl code, or other code?  Just post it here and someone will try and help you.

For best results, include the langauge in your subject. Examples are below:

Subject:  [Ruby] Not Working Right
Subject  [Ruby on Rails]  Somethings Wrong
Subject  [C++] Got a small question
Subject  [Perl]  Help!

Those are just a few examples, but you get the general idea.  In this way you can ensure that whoever reads your topic knows a small bit about the langauge your topic is about. 
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Just a minor suggestion on my behalf. Sure, go ahead and place the language in the title of your topic - BUT, please do avoid using generic titles as demonstrated in steelmanronald06's examples. Use something that is related to your problem, i.e. "[C++] Help with overload operators" is more likely to get looked at than something like "[C++] I need help!!!!!1one"
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