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database name, database username, database password - silly noobie question

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I am new at programming, but have been given the task of making a government website, as they are my employer.  :-\

Since they want me to include a forum (as part of the site), I have downloaded and installed both php and MySQL.  They are now functional and are running on our dedicated server (I have both the server, and my business computer set up at my desk - both with monitors, keyboards, and mice). 

Anyways, I downloaded phpBB2 and at the first install.php page (viewed in my IE browser) it asks for some information:

Database Name:
Database Username:
Database Password:

Since we have a dedicated server, I created a new database from the MySQL command line.  I don't know, though, what the username and password are.  Is it a the name and password of a user who has access to this database?  Does the database itself have a username and password?  if so - how do I set it? 

I apologize for the noobiness of my question :-[ I guess I'm just cautious. 

Thanks in advance.

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You have to make a user for the database first.

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