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Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING

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Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in F:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\ministarsnetwork2\designs\screws.inc.php on line 54

[size=8pt][color=black]52[/color][color=purple]$menu2[/color] [color=blue]= "<P align=left>
[color=black]53[/color]<img name=phone_item_equip_flat src=phone_item_equip_flat.png width=110 height=47 border=0 usemap=#m_phone_item_equip_flat alt=""><map name=m_phone_item_equip_flat>
[color=black]54[/color]<area shape=poly coords=80,27,81,22,84,17,89,14,95,12,101,14,106,17,109,22,110,27,109,33,106,38,101,41,95,43,89,41,84,38,81,33,80,27,80,27 href=javascript:; alt="" >
[color=black]55[/color]<area shape=poly coords=39,27,40,20,44,15,49,11,55,10,62,11,67,15,71,20,72,27,71,33,67,39,62,42,55,43,49,42,44,39,40,33,39,27,39,27 href=javascript:; alt="" >
[color=black]56[/color]<area shape=poly coords=-1,27,0,21,4,16,9,13,15,12,21,13,26,16,30,21,31,27,30,34,26,39,21,42,15,43,9,42,4,39,0,34,-1,27,-1,27 href=javascript:; alt="" >

Would love some help.  :)

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$var = "val";

any double quotes within double quotes must be escaped with a backslash \

$var = ""val"; // bad
$var = "\"val"; // good
$var = '"val'; // also good

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Joe's response tells you why you got the error - and how to avoid them in future.

The quick solution to the specific problem you posted would be to change alt="" to alt= '' in each case, i.e. change those " to ' and they won't 'clash' with the " you used to delimit what you wanted echo'd.

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I would suggest you use HEREDOC if you have alot of HTML like so:
[code=php:0]$menu = <<<HTML
<P align="left">
<img name="phone_item_equip_flat" src="phone_item_equip_flat.png" width="110" height="47" border="0" usemap="#m_phone_item_equip_flat" alt=""><map name="m_phone_item_equip_flat">
<area shape="poly" coords="80,27,81,22,84,17,89,14,95,12,101,14,106,17,109,22,110,27,109,33,106,38,101,41,95,43,89,41,84,38,81,33,80,27,80,27" href="javascript:void;" alt="" >
<area shape="poly" coords="39,27,40,20,44,15,49,11,55,10,62,11,67,15,71,20,72,27,71,33,67,39,62,42,55,43,49,42,44,39,40,33,39,27,39,27" href="javascript:void;" alt="" >
<area shape="poly" coords="-1,27,0,21,4,16,9,13,15,12,21,13,26,16,30,21,31,27,30,34,26,39,21,42,15,43,9,42,4,39,0,34,-1,27,-1,27" href="javascript:void;" alt="" >
// dont indend the line above !![/code]

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