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Problem with images/thumbnails now showing...

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Hello all,

I have recently installed phpprobid auction software on my webspace. Everything was going fine until I noticed that images which are posted do not show up. For example:
Here's the demo of the phpprobid software, and you can see all thumbnails:

and here is an ad on my website, where the image is not showing up:

Any idea's there? Why the images are not showing up?

Thanks in advance,

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I know it seems too obvious, but when you have had people tell you their equipment will not work and that they have tried everything, only to get there and find its not plugged into the electrical socket...

(1) make sure the pictures are actually being uploaded
(2) make sure they are in the proper path
(3) make sure they are of the accepted type (ie jpg, gif, png etc)

Very difficult to solve a code problem without seeing the actual code.


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