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Manipulating a Word Document

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A customer has an annual report that they have on their website, which is quite a large word document. However most people who download it are only interested in a section of the document, and not all of it.

I know the easy answer is to make 2 documents and give them the choice, but different folk want different parts, so I have been asked if it is possible to manipulate the document with PHP, and somehow pull chunks out and glue them back together?

The way I see it working is something like this.
Each chapter is a separate .doc and then have some sort of contents page whereby people can download selective chapters of the document, and say if they choose to download the first & second chapter, then I want to append the 2 documents together as one.

Is this possible?

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Might look

here: http://instruform.com/wordconv.phps 


here: http://wvware.sourceforge.net/


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I'm very sorry but I'm afraid I've just been told it is actually a PDF and NOT a word document I want, so all the files will be PDFS, including the source document.

Thanks for your help though

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